Cashier's Check Casino Deposits

Cashier’s check casino deposits have become increasingly harder to come by. While you may be able to collect winnings with this method at online casinos, not many will allow them to be used to fund your account. Cashier’s checks were a popular casino deposit method because they did not involve having to provide the casino with any bank account information, and they are completely safe to use. The funds are guaranteed by the bank, which also helped online casinos to process them faster once received. It may be hard to find a cashier’s check casino that accepts deposits, but luckily we know where to look. We can tell you exactly how cashier’s check work, and where you can go to use them.

Online Casinos With Cashier’s Check Casino Deposits

Cashiers checks are a less and less common method of depositing at an online casino, but you can still find some options if you’re dead set on using them. We don't particularly recommend cashiers check as a deposit method because of how few casinos accept it - and even the ones we list may stop accepting it in the future.

Avg. Bank Wire Deposit Time: 5 business days
Avg. Casino Deposit Time: 2 Business Days
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Bovada Casino is one of the only sites accepting cashier’s check casino deposits. It is important to note that the online casino does not accept United States players. If you reside in any of 40+ other countries, you should definitely sign up at this reputable online casino. There are plenty of classic slots and table games to choose from, along with games like Sic Bo and bingo. You will also find huge jackpots just waiting to be hit. When you factor in their casino promotions, such as their $1,000,000 slots giveaway, it’s hard not to win at Bovada Casino.

Avg. Bank Wire Deposit Time: 5 business days
Avg. Casino Deposit Time: 2 business days
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Las Vegas USA has been in the online gaming industry since 1999, and is one of the best sites for cashier’s check casino deposits. Though the online casino lists money orders rather than cashier’s checks, if you speak with customer service they may still accept the latter. Money orders have a $50 minimum deposit limit and a $1,000 maximum limit. As long as your deposit is at least $100, your fees are covered. This method has been available for quite some time, and you can count on funds being applied to your account within a week.

Once your deposit has been credited, you can start playing casino games for real money! You will find a huge selection of slot games that include both 3-reels and 5-reels. The site also has a number of table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. When you join Las Vegas USA Casino, you will never get bored with their eclectic mix of games!

How To Deposit At Online Casinos With A Cashier’s Check

Cashier’s check casino deposits are simple, which is why they remained popular for many years. You will first want to put in your request at the online casino, letting them know exactly how much your deposit will be. The site will then give you all of the relevant contact details that you will need. You can visit a bank and ask for a cashier’s check in a specified amount. Make sure to have cash or your debit card to pay for the cashier’s check. Once you have made your purchase, fill out the check with the official name and address provided by the online casino. Send it via express mail and wait for it to be applied to your account.

Pros and Cons of Cashier’s Check Casino Deposits

There are a few advantages of using cashier’s checks over other deposit methods. For one, if you are not a fan of electronic casino deposit methods these are your best bet. You do not have to submit any sensitive bank account information over the internet, though all of the online casinos on our site are completely secure. Speaking of secure, that is another reason why players like this particular deposit method. The funds are certified, therefore giving both you and the online casino cashier piece of mind. It is easy enough to visit a bank or credit union and purchase a cashier’s check, making accessibility another strong point for the casino deposit method. wants you to know the main con of cashier’s check casino deposits is that they do take a bit longer than other methods. This is because you have to allow time for the check to be delivered, processed, and then applied to your account. Other than this, there is no real downside for those that do not desire the convenience of online casino deposits.

Cashier Check Casino Deposits FAQ’s

Are There Fees For Cashier’s Check Casino Deposits?

There are very minimal fees for cashier’s check casino deposits. When you purchase a cashier’s check, you are usually just paying a few cents on every dollar. Let’s say you were making a $500 casino deposit; with taxes and fees, your total might come to $508. Most online casinos do not charge fees for cashier’s check deposits, but you can always verify if there will be a processing fee at the time you put in the request.

Can I Claim Bonuses With Cashier’s Check Deposits?

You can easily claim big casino bonuses with cashier’s check deposits. Most welcome offers will be a match bonus, where the online cashier matches your deposit by a certain percentage, up to a certain amount. For example, you might claim a 100% match bonus when you deposit $200, giving you $400 total to play with. An online casino might also offer free spins or chips on top of the deposit bonus. You will have the pick of the draw when it comes to online casino bonuses, with offers for slots, table games, and even specialties.

Can USA Players Make Cashier’s Check Deposits?

Yes, there are casinos that will accept cashier’s check deposits from US players. Cashier’s checks are completely legal in the USA and are therefore just as safe for online casino gaming. There is no difference in using a cashier’s check to pay your rent versus funding an online casino account. This method was first widely recommended to players from the United States, and it still remains a legal and safe option today.